Best ways to watch Spanish Movies for Beginners

When you are learning a new foreign language it is important to use a variety of learning methods.

While the classic grammar and vocabulary studies are good,

learning by watching Spanish Movies for beginners is a fun and interactive approach for taking your Spanish to the next level.

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   When learning Spanish, it is important to diversify your learning activities so you don’t focus only on grammar lessons, syntax and vocabulary exercises. 

   If you are at the start of your Spanish Adventure, watching Spanish movies for beginners is an excellent thing that you can do to expand your knowledge of the language and upgrade your Spanish fluency.

Using Spanish movies for beginners is a fun, interactive way to immerse yourself in the Spanish language & culture.

We are lucky that we are living in the digital age where a ton of content is available online just a few clicks away. 

This fact makes it easy for you to start learning the language by watching Spanish movies!

Let’s dive into the topic and see what kind of content is great to start with.

Spanish Movies for complete beginners (A1)

   If you are at the start of your language journey, you know a couple of words, can understand some basic sentences

then it is not a good idea to jump into a complex movie where the characters speak advanced Spanish with fast pace and different accents.

You should start with something easy, and the best movies to watch in this case are short simple cartoons.

The reason for that is simple. The communication in these movies is simple and straightforward, you understand the plot & know the characters. This way you can focus on the language itself

Take something that you loved to watch as a child, something simple and funny. 

Get on Youtube and search for your favorite childhood animated movies or shows like Lion King, Frozen or maybe something from the Cartoon Network.

Cartoons to Watch:

Below you will find a list of a lot of popular and fun cartoons to re watch in Spanish. 

Most of the episodes can be found on Youtube for free which is great when you decide to test it out. 

Cartoons Available on Netflix:

Why should you learn with Spanish movies for beginners?

   Because it has tremendous learning powers and it is a fun way to improve your language learning journey.

The list of reasons why you should incorporate watching Spanish movies for beginners or for advanced learners is huge.

Let me will list the 5 most important benefits.

1) You will supercharge your vocabulary

   By watching Spanish content you will hear new words & expressions that you will most definitely not find in a dry textbook therefore this opens up a new vocabulary avenue for you to explore.

Plus with every new word you hear, your brain will associate it with an unique memory, That will make it easier for you to remember it,

2) You will have a better understanding of the culture of the Spanish language

By picking up new expressions, catch phrases and jokes you will have exciting insights into the whole culture that shaped the Spanish language.

You will learn more about the customs, traditions and history of the language.

By spending more time watching the content you will understand the pop culture and movie references that Native speakers use in their day to day communication as well.

3) You will get accustomed to the sound of the language

   When you watch movies, TV shows or Cartoons in Spanish, you will get more familiar with different Spanish accents and you will discover new interesting dialects.

Additionally, you will learn to tell the difference between Castilian Spanish & Latino Spanish (Mexican, Argentinian, Cuban etc.) which is an awesome thing to know.

4) You will increase your language immersion level

When you add movies and shows to your learning schedule, you are diving deeper in the Spanish language. You will improve your listening and comprehension and your vocabulary.

Also if you watch the content in the right way, you will practice your speaking and pronunciation as well.

5) It will be a lot of fun

The most important thing about this learning method is the fact that you will have fun.

This way of learning is much more entertaining than pounding on dry grammar lessons and doing soulless exercises in your workbooks.

Don’t get me wrong, learning to understand grammar is important, but it can’t be the only tool in your learning belt. 

You have to diversify your learning methods and watching Spanish movies for beginners is an excellent way to do it.

The most effective way to learn Spanish with movies:

  If you are a beginner in learning Spanish and you are starting with watching Spanish movies for beginners exercise, you won’t be able to jump into the movie and watch it like you would in your native language.

  Step 1:

  First step is to pick something short and familiar, like a cartoon from your childhood or something you enjoy watching in your free time.

  Step 2:

  Then you find the cartoon you picked somewhere online. Choose one episode and find it with subtitles in English or in your native language. Youtube is a good source for this kind of content.

  Step 3:

  After you have found the cartoon in Spanish that you were looking for, put it on your TV or any other device you use and relax and watch it for the first time.

Just relax and focus on the sound and Spanish words you hear. If you picked a cartoon like “The Simpsons” this should take you around 20 minutes.

  Step 4:

  Then you get up and grab a notebook and rewatch the episode once again but slowly, scene by scene and write down the words you hear and don’t understand.

At first, you will be pausing a lot but when you start memorizing the words you learn it will get much easier after the next few episodes.

  Step 5:

  Now that you have new words written in your notebook, go on Deepl Translator and translate them. After you translate them, read the list out loud.

This will make them stronger in your memory and you will improve your pronunciation.

  Step 6:

  When you have the full list of unknown words on paper, go on and rewatch the episode again. This time replace the English subs with Spanish ones. Watch the episode again and see how your understanding improves.

   Step 7:

  Now you will go on and rewatch the episode again. When you are done with it, go ahead and read the transcript in Spanish that you generated.

Usually. transcripts are found below the videos but in case there isn’t one, you can always ask an AI tool for help. Kome.AI is a good free choice for this.

The final step is to read the transcript out loud and rewatch the episode once again.

  Bonus Step:

  If you are studying in pairs or in a group, the most entertaining way to enhance your learning with watching Spanish content is to do a Roleplay reading exercise, where each of you pick a character and read their lines.

I find this step amazing because it makes your brain work in the new language, you use new words in a conversation and you enjoy it with your partner and friends.

This 8 step learning plan is only necessary when you watch the first few episodes, after that you will have learned enough words and expressions to understand the content more quickly,

So do not worry, it gets much easier over time, I promise.

Where to watch Spanish Movies Online:

Image showing people that watch spanish movies for beginners. LanguageBlazer Language. Learn Languages online with ease

   Nowadays it is fairly easy to get access to Spanish movies for beginners or even more advanced content online. There are several big online video platforms that have Spanish movies & TV shows with captions and translations.

Here are the top 3 Platforms where you will find good Spanish movies to watch online:


A great place to find older movies and cartoons from before 2000. The platform provides translations and captions which is pretty useful. The platform is free but sometimes ads can get really annoying.


My favorite streaming service when it comes to Spanish movies. You can find a ton of both older and newer Spanish movies & TV shows, they have subtitles as well and the quality is amazing.


Disney is a great source of all kinds of cartoons and TV shows. If you already have a subscription there, you should definitely use it to learn by watching Spanish movies for beginners there.

Of course there are several good free options around for streaming Spanish movies online, but be aware, they have those annoying pop up & click bait ads.

Also the quality of the video content is not guaranteed so If I were you I would stick to the streaming platforms or Youtube.


Movies & Shows for advanced learners:

   Once you add watching Spanish movies as a learning habit and you accumulate enough fluency, it is time for you to move on to more advanced content.

There are no specific rules for this, you should pick and watch movies that you really like. It doesn’t matter if you have watched them in English already, just rewatch them in Spanish as well.

You can rewatch all the popular blockbusters at first, but later on you should watch some high quality Spanish movies in order to get a better grasp of the culture and everyday language expressions & references.

Here is a short list of TV shows and movies I have watched in both Latino and Castilian Spanish which helped me with broadening my understanding of the language:



   Now you know how and where to watch Spanish movies for beginners, I encourage you to add this to your Spanish learning activities.

Don’t be shy of using this technique, it is great for you to increase your fluency and cultural understanding of the Spanish language.

This type of exercise will improve your listening, speaking and reading skills which is very important if you want to become a proficient Spanish speaker.


  If you are looking to find more useful content on how to improve your Spanish fluency, check out the Spanish Language Guide.